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1- City of Toronto Building Permit Fees

2- Ontario Building Code

3- Ontario Fire Code

4- Toronto Heritage Designated Properties search

5- Toronto & Region Conservation Authority

6- Etobicoke Zoning Maps
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7- New Toronto City Wide Zoning Bylaw No. 569-2013/ interactive map by address

7- (1) New City Wide Zoning Bylaw No. 569-2013 info

8- Residential Toronto Zoning By-law 438-86

9- Former city of Toronto Zoning By-law Sheets

10- Permits for Construction within Public Right of Way / Street Occupation, etc.

11-Records of permit drawings on previous applications information & forms

12-City Of Toronto Building Permit Application electronic submission guidelines

13-Toronto Noise By-law

14-Noise complaints regarding general construction & air conditioners.

15-Fences regulation Bylaw

16-Tree protection policy & specifications for construction near trees

17-Development Charges

18-Development charges By-law

19-Right of Entry permit to Neighbours property for your repairs/ building your side, etc.

Building Departments

1- Toronto Building Department Addresses / Offices

2- City of Mississauga Building Department

3- City of Mississauga Building Permit status

4- City of Mississauga Zoning By-law

5- City of Mississauga Permit Fees

6- City of Mississauga Forms

7- City of Brampton Building Department

8- City of Brampton Zoning Maps

9- City of Vaughan Building
Department <--------------------------------------------------------------- Tel: Building Department - 905-832-8510 -----------switch Board - 905-832-2281

10- Town of Richmond Hill Building Department

11- Town of Richmond Hill Zoning Maps

12- Town of Markham Building Department

13- King City Building Department

14- Oakville Building Department

14- Oakville Zoning maps

15- Town of Caledon

Project Management

1- Confirm if a Contractor is licensed

2- Construction Lien Act

3- Occupational Health & safety Act

4- Daily Commercial News Publication

5- spam free Web Browser